Financial Transparency

Coppell ISD is committed to transparency and strives to provide our taxpayers with clear and relevant financial information. This site is continually evolving to include additional reports, visuals and pertinent information. Coppell ISD’s business office serves to advance the District’s efforts to provide the highest quality instructional programs by developing procedures and practices related to budget development and fiscal responsibility that are both effective and efficient in meeting the goals and objectives of the District. As part of our efforts, we are committed to providing our community with transparent financial information in a format that is both easily accessible and understandable.

Coppell ISD's Business Office is committed to excellence by serving the financial needs of the district to safeguard assets, and supports the employees, campuses and departments in an ethical, efficient and effective manner for financial planning and operations in the pursuit of providing resources to educate our learners.

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Debt Transparency

Coppell ISD strives to provide taxpayers with clear and transparent debt information.  Coppell ISD has issued General Obligation Bonds that are considered tax-supported debt.  Tax-supported debt is repaid by the revenue generated from the Interest & Sinking (I&S) tax rate.  The Interest & Sinking fund pays the principal and interest payments of the outstanding debt.   As debt is retired (paid-off) the overall outstanding principal is reduced.  As new bonds are issued, after being authorized by taxpayers, the overall outstanding principal rises.  The information in this section provides the taxpayer with an overall picture of the district's debt, a glossary of debt terminology, historical bond election information, annual debt reporting reports, tax rates and tax rate history, and links to additional debt information.  The district also maintains a separate Bond webpage that provides additional information on bond elections, bond projects, tax implications and the work of the 2016 Bond Oversight Committee.  The district updates these pages as new information becomes available.