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Coppell ISD is continuing to build, implement and sustain goals with digital learning through the implementation of various technologies.  This year, we have had the opportunity to work closely with our Long Range Plan for Technology Committee in order to revisit our past, current and future goals for how we are implementing technologies in learning in Coppell ISD.  As we look toward the future, we are continuing to focus on our overarching structures that support our educators with their lesson design and our learners in their day-to-day learning experiences.

The district will be providing a new keyboard and Apple pencil with each iPad for 6th-12th grade learners. The addition of these tools will enable more opportunities for our learners to use various applications within the iPad for writing and creative engagement, while also allowing for the typing and writing component to be more readily available on these devices. We also will be providing additional MacBook carts for departments and specific equipment for coding and Career and Technology Education (CTE) courses across our campuses.

Please know it is an expectation for all learners to bring their district issued device with them to school each day.  This is similar to your child having a resource, such as a textbook, which they are required to bring each day. It also will be the responsibility of the learner to ensure the device comes to school charged and ready to use.  While we will still have the flexibility for your child to bring their own personal device to school, the expectation is that they have their iPad with keyboard/pencil in order to ensure they are ready for the lesson design prepared by the educator each day.  

Along with the expectation of learners bringing their district issued device to school each day, there will be a device protection plan fee that each learner is encouraged to pay. This fee will help with covering issues that learners and families have had in the past with broken devices, lag time for fixes and lost cords or chargers, as well as helping with our overall sustainability of devices in the district. If you choose to not pay the device protection plan fee, you will be responsible for the full cost of repairs or replacement of the device.

5 Reasons Why the School-Issued iPad is Required in the Classroom for all Students

5 Reasons Why the School-Issued iPad is Required in the Classroom for all Students

Device Protection Plan

All elementary, middle school, CHS9, Coppell High School and New Tech High @ Coppell parents or guardians are encouraged to pay a non-refundable $35 annual fee for the Device Protection Plan, which will be used to repair accidental damage to CISD issued devices including iPads, keyboards, cases or Apple Pencils.  This protection plan applies to all students (PreK-12), because all of these students take their devices home for homework and school projects.

If you choose to not pay for the CISD Device Protection Plan, you will be responsible for the full cost of repairs or replacement of the device. Lost or missing items are not covered by the Device Protection Plan and you will be responsible for the full replacement of the device/accessory in the event the item is not found.

What is this Protection Plan Used For?

This protection plan will be used to repair accidental damage, stolen devices (with a police report), and product failure (not a result of damage). It will not cover negligence, willful damage or a lost device (see table below). As a parent or guardian, you may wish to purchase insurance in case your child's device needs to be replaced. Click here for more information.

Device Fee Graphic

A student device that is damaged or not working properly must be reported to school personnel immediately via a Help Desk Ticket. All repairs will be performed by CISD approved personnel. A student is not permitted to take a CISD device to another vendor to have repairs made on the device.

Lost / Missing
The Device Protection Plan does not cover equipment that is lost, missing or willfully damaged. Replacement of the student device or accessories is covered by the Device Protection Plan ONLY if they stop working due to normal wear and tear. Students are responsible for the cost of replacement. Families are responsible for the full cost of replacement of any CISD student device or accessory that is not returned to school. Devices or accessories that are missing must be reported immediately to school personnel via a Help Desk Ticket.  

Willful Damage
CISD does not cover intentional damage to a device. If the school determines that there was intentional damage or gross negligence to the device or accessories, the student/parent or guardian is responsible for full payment of the damage.

Stolen Devices
If a device or accessory is stolen on or off school property, it must be reported immediately to a school administrator and reported via a
Help Desk Ticket. Action will be taken by the district to track the missing/stolen device, and appropriate consequences outlined in the Student Code of Conduct will be administered.

  • If a device is stolen, a police report MUST be filed by the student and/or parent or guardian. A copy of the police report must be provided to the campus administrator prior to assignment of a new device.

Temporary Devices
There will be a limited number of temporary devices on the campus to provide for students should it be determined that their device will take an extended time to repair.


iPad Device Protection Plan - $35
All elementary school, middle school, CHS9, CHS and NTH@C students

NOTE: Protection plan will not exceed $100 per family

Payment of Device Protection Plan

Parents will use SchoolPay to pay the annual fee for the Device Protection Plan. For all new students to CISD, payment of the Device Protection Plan should be made prior to a student receiving a district device or accessories. 

If this fee creates a financial hardship, please contact your campus administration or counselor for alternative arrangements.

Payment Details

Click here to pay using SchoolPay

NOTE:  Please note that students new to CISD will not appear in SchoolPay until 24-48 hours after the registrar at the campus has completed the registration and issued the student an ID number.

Withdrawing from CISD & Returning Your Device

The student iPad and accessories must be returned with only normal wear and tear and no missing accessories to avoid paying a replacement fee. If a student withdraws from CISD for any reason, he or she must return the device to a campus administrator along with accessories on or before the date of withdrawal.